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4 thoughts on “ghoora”

  1. Asalam o Alaikum
    If someone saw in dream that a Horse which is not depending to him is getting ZABHA by someone else, so what will be the TAABEER.
    He saw this dream twice in a week, at first he didn’t see the blood of Horse but in second dream he saw the Butcher is trying to ZABHA the horse while the Horse gets up and while in the standing position of Horse the Butcher makes ZABHA.

    Now if you could send me the TAABEER of this dream.

    Best regards

  2. As’salam o Alekum wa Rahmat ullah ey wah barakathu.
    One of my friend who is a girl has seen a dream that she is outside her house where there is a big ladder and she is climbing upward & suddenly big clouds come which are very dark. In between the clouds a hole comes up & a white color very big & healthy horse comes out & starts coming towards the lady but she continuously stares at the horse & waits.
    It would be so nice of you if you could let me know the tabeer of this dream.
    Best regards,

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