chamgadar chamgadarr


  1. me ne khawab me chamgadar dekhi k wo mery ghar me ghusny ki khosish kr rehi h or me unhy andar any se rok rehi hu me ghr ki windows or doors me iron kki slakhain lga deti hu or unhy andar any ni dy rehi pr wo bht zor lga rehi h any k liye plz mujhy is khawab ki tabeer bta dy

  2. Asalam Allaykum… I had seen the dream that bat is keep trying to set on my blanket and my eyes got open on the next day my wife has seen the dream that bat was seated on her, me and my kids.
    Can you please help us with the Tabeer of this dream.

  3. AOA,
    I have seen in the dream that some one has given me roasted ( Cooked ) bats to eat when I opened the pot it got roasted black colour bats and I felt un easy and frightened so refused to eat and put them away. what does it mean

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