1. I saw a tree full of yellow and fresh Guava in-front of me (maybe in my neighbor’s house) it was a good feeling to see bright yellow fresh guavas, but the tree was not having leaves on it just guavas, I looked back into my home garden there were also guavas but in little quantity, what does this mean ?

  1. Mn ny khawb mn dekha k mn amrood k darkhat k nichay Bethe hon aur meray Charon tarf amrood gir rahy hn khud he tot color k hotay hn.aur mn sochti hon abi tu inks colour green hy..tu ye play hoay hn ya kchay hn.mgr wo green he pkay hotay hn.wo sab meray ly hotay hn..yanj k meray hotay hn.iska mtlb btadn plzzzzzz..

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