Khawab Ki Tabeer

aadam alaih alsalam

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  1. Kuch den pehlay may nay khawab may dekha keh aek aadmee hay gis ka sirf Sar aor Gradan hay aor baqi koi jism nahee hay. Chehray say wo normal lagta hay aor zinda hay. Aus ka sar aek aoonchee see maiz par para hay. Maiz kee aoonchai taqreeban aek normal aadmee kay brabar hay. Maiz kay sath aek aadmee kara hay gis kay hath may Quran Shareef hay aor wo Quran aus nay khol kar aus baghair jism walay sar kay bilkul samnay doonoo hatoon say khol kar pakra huwa hay. Baghair jism wala aadmee Quran Majeed kee tilawat kar raha hay jab kay doosray aadmee nay Quran doonoo hatoon say aus kee aankhoon kay samanay pakra huwa hay.

  2. In 2011 I saw a very unique khawab which I never had in mind or an idea. I saw that there is a big bench in front of our class rooms in my College. I saw a big statute of man which I thought that he is Hazrat Adam (AS) lying on the bench with his face towards me but when I closely looked into it, he was moving. I never thought to see Hazrat Adam AS in my dreams. He moved his finger & I could easily see the veins & movements of his ear. He was asking with the gesture of his fingers to come close to him. I don’t know whether he was asking me or someone else as there were lot of other peoples too around. The bench he was lying was equivalent to the size of three class rooms. May ALLAH forgive me if I erroneously written something wrong. I don’t know how I get up in the morning.

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